Forex Trading without emotions & fear 

After years of trading experience we have learnt to master trading psychology through use of proprietary semi-autonomous EA's with our over years tested and perfected strategy 

Overcoming  fear of loosing & anxiety of Winning

Start you trading day with Winning Trade Ideas  ,

Benefit from On - chart   technical Analysis 

Trend Following  ,  Scanning market for opportunities or Scalping has never been so easy 

Invest in your future by learning tricks of profitable  trading. 

1 on 1 Workshops & learning programms for everyone & all levels of expertise  

Signal Service Providers

Contact Us  we have solutions for you :

1. If you wish to start your own reliable forex signal services.

2. Already have a running signal service and want to provide new products  with diversification , such as long term premium signals or greater risk to  reward trades,  or just wish  to provide more technical analysis charts to your clients.

Forex Brokerage Firms 

Winning Traders are happy trader , who trade more & remain faithful to their Brokerage firms.

We offer multiple services to clients on behalf of Brokers such as technical analysis , trade ideas , mentoring , live trading room with chat , or live chat only for discussing trade ideas & chart setup etc. or just managing Tradingview accounts with great ideas for increasing visibility and credibility. 


Brokerage firms with their branding can provide above mentioned value added services to clients , hence creating healthy  trading environment , supporting traders with actionable knowledge  and finally increasing both revenue and client retention. 

Zanis Burcevs , Ireland

I’ve been with No Emotion Fx for the last 2 months and I can say that they’re the best forex signal/learning providers in the market (not like other cowboy’s who just take your money and leave you in darkness / without guidance). Not only do you get great content from them, but support, advice and constant updates are always readily available. You can always give them a message about anything and they will reply to you in no time. They’ve cleared more than +3000 pips a month (if not more)!!!

I’ve started with a €150 account and finished up on €590 in few weeks!!!

If you’re looking for forex professional signals and material then definitely hit them up!

Lonzie Portis , United States

The trade ideas are extremely helpful and insightful. They always seem to hit TP1 and you can really place trades and not have to worry about it. It makes trading much easier but also teaches you what to look for in trades of your own.

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