No Emotion Fx was born after rethinking and analysing journey of our traders from Wannabe forex traders to Full time Pro's , 

Though Journey of becoming independent full time trader is Long and difficult , there are few things which can really make difference and support traders through good and bad  phases when an amateur moves towards becoming Pro & financially  independent.

We want to support & help traders in their Transformation through  decision making without Emotions and being psychologically strong. 

Trader must understand that Winning and Losing are part of Trading and neither are reason to be Happy or Sad  . High Win Ratio does not help & consistent winning trades are not required to be profitable . Many Pro Traders have win ratio below 50% and making good pips monthly.

Our Mission is to help traders to look at forex  market objectively without emotions and execute trading plan with fix set of rules like an EA would do but with human intuition .