Finding it difficult to hold and let running profitable trades towards your take profit and close them early and missing profits in good setups ?

Moving SL to breakeven is not helping and you get stopped out of good setup which later moves on to hit your TP .

Not getting enough time from your Day Job and its difficult for you to track/manage  open trades ,  move SL or close while it was running in profit  . 

Using Moving Average as  trailing stop loss can help in overcoming above mentioned commonly faced problems by Forex Traders. 

MA Trailing stop loss EA is very easy to use expert advisor tool .  Apply EA on chart and select Moving average from settings to use as trailing stop loss , its so easy. 

EA considers only closing price of candle therefore avoids stop outs caused by sudden  price fluctuations and helps to stay in trend longer. 

You can decide which MA to use and various settings of MA  ( simple,exponential , weighted etc. ) while applying on chart & can be used on any time frame.  

You can decide which MA to use and various settings of MA  ( simple,exponential , weighted etc. ) while applying on chart & can be used on any time frame.  

Moving averages  used as  Trailing Stoploss can increase Profits while cutting loses early 

Few examples on Chart :

Condition 1 : Long Trade  on break above resistance  , RR 1:2  , Moving Average As trailing SL 

Above we can price moved higher and then retraced back to break even before hitting our TP , Moving SL to breakeven would have stopped us out ,  

Whereas Using MA as trailing stop loss kept trade running and also gave us confidence to remain in trade towards our final Take Profit. 

Condition  2 :  Scalping 

We look at same conditions from  scalping point of view , assuming that we entered Long trade on break above resistance  ( Green arrow )  , now we can just use MA as trailing stop loss and let trade run ,   Long trade is closed in profit when candle closes below Moving average ( Red Arrow)

In trending markets this scalping technique can prove to be far more profitable than manually scalping 10-20 pips .

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