Using  EA's for No Emotion Trading

Studies suggests that more the Traders spend time on Tracking & observing open trades more they are prone to take emotional decisions . Looking at each candle close & tick data after entry is not wise , 
We want traders to spend more of their  precious time in Analysing market and finding new trading opportunities rather than looking at performance of Older trades , 
Now question comes  that if trader doesn't track active trades ,how can they  protect themselves from ever changing market conditions , all trades don't hit Take profit , Trailing Stop Loss is not a perfect solution  and fundamentals are unpredictable ??
For Above questions there is only 1 answer : Trend is Your Friend , Follow trend using our EA's and do not let market noise affect your trading .  Most common way of following trend is by using Trendlines & Moving Averages. 
We have developed Semi -Auto EA's  specifically for purpose of trend following and staying in Trend as long as possible without having to look at chart at every candle close or at every fundamental news. EA will keep your trade active as long as trend is valid. 
The No Emotion Fx trading method :
1. Find Trading Opportunity ,
2. Analyse trade setup technically & fundamentally .
3. If setup matches your strategy and set rules enter the trade .
4. Use Trendline or Moving Average EA to manage active trade and start looking for other   opportunities .

Managing Trades With Moving Average EA :

Many Traders like using Moving Averages for trend confirmation , and timing Entry and Exits .

With Semi- Automatic Moving Average EA we provide effective way to manage open trades as per your Moving average strategy and uses MA as trailing stop loss. 

EA considers only closing price of candle therefore avoids stop outs caused by sudden  price fluctuations and helps to stay in trend longer. 

You can decide which MA to use and various settings of MA  ( simple,exponential , weighted etc. ) while applying on chart & can be used on any time frame.  

EA will automatically close open position if price closes above/below MA applied.

Very useful in scalping

For Example below charts are of different time frames with Moving averages used as stoploss with the help of Moving Average EA .  Active trades would have automatically closed on candle closing above or below Moving Average.

50 SMA in 1 MIN 

21 SMA in 15 MIN 

9 SMA in 4 HR

7 SMA in D1

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