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What is Auto / Copy Trading Signals . 

In Copy Trading Signals  we provide proprietary ea / software for mt4 , you just need to install it and apply it on chart . 

When signals are sent in telegram channel  , just type / insert  conditions for  Entry , TP and Stop Loss into the EA / software  ! That's it !  leave rest to EA  , it will automatically open trades , set tp & sl , take partial profits and  conserve your profits by movin SL to breakeven .  Isn't it Wonderfullll  !


Why Auto / Copy Trading Signals are better than other signals

In Copy Trading signals  Subscribers uses  EA / Software to execute  and manage trades  which provides following benefits :- 

  1.  All  signals are limit orders , and EA will automatically trade once conditions are met , therefore constantly waiting for signals and hurrying up to enter at market price is not required .

  2.  As EA will handle complete  trading process  which includes open trades , take profits , sl , partial profits etc. subscriber do not need to constantly monitor open trades , and worry about partial profits ( tp1,tp2) or moving SL to breakeven when first target is reached.    

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Get a copy of Daytrade EA worth 249 Euro for free.  

Join Axi  by using /clicking link below and open an account of 1000  USD or above to qualify for free offer.

Please send an email to  after subscription payment / account opening to get VIP telegram access.

NO REFUND POLICY  :  Once paid, fees for the trade ideas , 1 on 1 Training Programs and softwares  are non-refundable. 

VAT :  A value added tax  may be included in the final price you , we are  required to charge VAT  on all services delivered  in EU countries .