Trendline Semi Automatic EA is one of the best tool for No Emotion Trading ,

EA reads trendlines on your chart and uses them as dynamic Stop Loss and Take Profits , 


It helps you to stay in trend as long as possible & closes your trade once your Trendline is breached and that trend is no longer valid .


It also gives you confidence during choppy market conditions and prevents you from stop outs due to Wicks and sudden market movements as Trendline EA considers only close price of candle as Stop Loss and not crossing of price , making sure that your trade remains  as long as its trending and providing you maximum pips .


For Take Profit  Trendline EA  closes trade on touch of TP trendline.


Apart from being very useful stand-alone tool  , Combined with Our VIP chart setups , you can use maximum potential of EA . 

Trendline EA

  • Available for Metatrader  4 direct download

                    For Metatrader 5 via email 


    We are constantly improving and adding new features , price includes all new updated future versions also. 

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