All traders have their own personal trading style & goals , Each style has its Pros & Cons 


In our 1 on 1 trading workshop sessions we focus on trader's decision making / analysis process , improving existing strategy , identifying problems and reasons of losing trades and correcting them for profitable trading. 


We teach traders to integrate our trendline trading technique in their existing strategy  in order to get an edge in their trading style .

Last but not the least : Understanding and working on psychological aspect of trading & Risk Management to become  No Emotion Trader. 

Mentorship is held 1 on 1 during trading hours and on live market conditions , in order to verify trading style and analyse traders decision making process.

Mentorship program for live Trading Account  holders ,  Trade live with our master traders , improve your profitability , Find your edge.

4 -30 Min. Sessions  -  199 Euro 

Mentorship Program

Learn our winning strategy & trend trading techniques , risk management . 

Become profitable non emotional fx trader now. 

3 Sessions  - 199 Euro 

Become Trend Trader 

Apart from working on strategy , improvement & Psychological Aspect , we also monitor  progress , decision making  during live  trading sessions & correct implementation of  knwoledge.

8 Sessions - 399 Euro 

Guided Path to successful Trading

Forex Trading Workshops 

Invest in Yourself


Find complete details of contents  covered in Become a Trend trader 1 on1  course.  

Session 1 


1 hour

1.   The Analysis Process For Trend Trading

2.   Fundamental Analysis  ( Macro Economic Data , Central Banks Policies ,              Political  uncertainity , Risk On- Risk Off sentiment ) 

3. Tehnical Analysis :  

     (a) Understanding Trend ( Major & Minor Trend ) (Trend Continuation &                  Retracement in Trend ) 
     (b) Support & Resistance ( Line Analysis )  
     (c)  Trendlines - Learn our approach of drawing trendlines correctly                      using line & candle  chart. 
     (d) Identifying Major , Minor Trends using Trendlines 
     (e)  Identifying  Trend Continuation or  Retracement within Major Trend . 

Session 2 


1 hour

    (a) Trend Trading Chart Patterns
    (b) Identifying and drawing Continuation or Reversal Patterns.
    (c) Use of Ichimoku Cloud in Trend Trading
    (d) 9/20/50/200 Moving Averages &  their uses in Trend Trading
    (e) Learning Trend Trading system using Horizontal s/r , trendlines ,                   ichimoku & moving averages. 

Session 3 


1 Hour

Time to test all of your learning in Live market condition with our Sr. trader.

    (a) Multi - Time Frame Analysis 
    (b) Finding Best Entries & Exits on live chart. 
    (c) Deciding optimal Take profit & Stop Loss 
    (d) Learning & practicing Trend Trading strategies : BreakOut ,                              Continuation , Range Trading etc in live market conditions.
    (e) Risk Management & Trading Psychology. 
    (f) Using Trend Trading EA's with your analysis for best results. 

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